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Are you looking to go off grid? Eagle Energy can help! We provide solutions for your remote living lifestyle. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade or service on your off grid system? Maybe that houseboat needs an electrical overhaul? Eagle Energy is here to help!Our roots within the solar industry came from the quest to learn to live self-sustained. Our off grid systems are actively producing power while you read this…

Off-grid enthusiasts have a knack for doing it themselves, it’s how you got there in the first place. We can take it from start to finish or we can offer design consultations and help you with the process.  Consulting with an electrician who can walk you through an off grid system is a must.  There are many components to off -grid solar systems that many professionals are unaware of.

An off-grid solar system pulls energy from the sun and its rays through solar panels, which most often are mounted to the roof of a home, cabin or RV. The energy the panels collect is then routed to a battery that stores the energy until you need it, when an inverter converts it into electricity.  What are the cons with going off grid?  It could require a lifestyle change to reduce energy consumption. Surplus energy production could go to waste. Cannot rely on the grid at night or on cloudy days. Batteries require maintenance, have a relatively short lifespan, and degrade rapidly.

We offer the highest efficiency solar and storage options for you and your off-grid needs. Let us bring our wealth of knowledge and craft to get you where you really want to be.

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