Ground Mounts

Ground-mounted solar panels offer an option that doesn’t rely on your roof and can produce more energy, all while letting you take advantage of the federal tax credit, local tax incentives and solar power’s long-term savings.  Ground mounts are a technical involved process. Ground-mounted solar panel systems usually cost about 10% more than rooftop solar.  It costs more to install ground-mounted solar panels since you need a dedicated structure for the racking system. The cost of rooftop solar systems is lower because installers can attach racking equipment directly to your roof structure.  On average, solar panels can last between 25 and 30 years, but this varies depending on many factors including maintenance, damage, and how they were installed. The installation process, though it may seem straightforward, can be tedious and must be done properly.
There are two different types of ground mounts: Pole Mounted and Standard Mounted.  Standard ground-mount systems stay at a fixed angle throughout the day and seasons. The degree of tilt to which the solar panels are installed is an important factor, as it impacts how much electricity the panels will generatePole mounted systems or tracking systems can track the sun throughout the day.  Pole mounted systems make use of one main pole drilled into the ground, which will hold up several solar panels. Pole mounts are often installed with a tracking system, which will move your solar panels throughout the day to maximize exposure to the sun, thus maximizing their electricity production. They can rotate the direction they’re facing, as well as adjust the angle in which they are tilted.  Pole Mounted systems have a higher cost associated as well as more maintenance costs associated but can maximize electricity savings.   You may also have the options of a car port solar system which may also work for you and your family.  Although more costly to build, they offer a dual purpose.
Which one is right for you?  Please call us to discuss options.  We want to make sure that you are purchasing a system that works best for your needs.
Eagle Energy has the experience and construction background to make your ground mount a profitable endeavor that saves you time, money and energy. We do all ground mounts, big and small!

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