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Custom Solar

Eagle Energy provides custom solutions to ensure peak performance and aesthetics of solar + storage. We tailor fit your installations to the unique needs of each customer. Big or small, we design the perfect roof or ground mount PV system for our clients.

With over 15 years of experience in solar storage, we are well adapted to help take your home or business above the grid. We design expandable and forward thinking solar storage systems that can support whole home backup. We use only the most reliable products. Eagle Energy systems will give you the highest return on your investment in the quality of design, material, and workmanship. If power outages get you down, we can help you fly like an eagle above the grid!

Solar energy is beautiful for the environment and can also be aesthetically pleasing or structurally beneficial. Our expert ground mount team can customize a solar application that adds value to the home; such as a backyard awning or shelter for the boat.

With licensed electricians and general contractors on staff, we ensure the highest quality roof installation. We respect your roof and we recognize the importance of proper roof seal and solar roof attachment.

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